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1.What if the controller cannot be connected to the robot?
A: Please confirm the robot has started, and check there is no other version of APP running in the back. If the robot still cannot be connected, please restart the robot and APP, and try to reconnect again.
2.Is it normal for a robot to stop moving by itself?
A: It might be the motor or drive over-heat protection. Please wait for 10 minutes and try again. If the robot is still unable to move, please check the battery, then confirm whether the emergency stop status is closed (the emergency stop button lights blue when it is closed), and then check whether the controller is disconnected.
3.What if the handle operation does not respond after connecting the robot dog?
A: First confirm whether the emergency stop status has been turned off (the emergency stop switch lights blue when it is turned off), and then confirm whether the handle has been connected to the correct robot WiFi. If it is connected but still cannot be controlled, please wait 10 seconds and try to control the robot again. If there is still no response, please restart the robot.
4.After the robot stands up, its body or legs are skewed. Can it continue to be used?
A: At this time, do not use shear control. Please press the soft emergency stop immediately to make the robot lie down, shut down and restart, and try to control the robot to stand again. If there are still abnormalities, please contact after-sales service.

Delivery Policy

The product will be delivered within 30 working days after the order is placed, and the transportation fee is borne by the buyer.

After-sales Service

This product does not support returns. DEEP Robotics provides warranty services, please refer to the warranty policy.

Warranty Policy

The warranty period starts from the day you receive the goods. Products or components that are in the warranty period and covered by warranty acquire free warranty service. If the product you purchased is beyond the warranty period, you can also be helped by us through purchasing a separate service.

Warranty Coverage

Depending on the specific situation, we will repair or replace components for the product you purchased. However, the following situations will not be covered by the free warranty, but you can still choose the paid warranty service. Please consult the after-sales staff for details:

lDamage caused by man-made problems but not by quality problems of the product itself.

lPersonal modification, disassembly, or opening of the shell.

lDamage caused by incorrect installation, use, and operation in accordance with the manual.

lDamage caused by use in excess of the safe load range.

lDamage caused by self-installation of third-party products.

lDamage due to water, debris, or other chemicals getting inside the robot.

lFailure or damage caused by force majeure factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, fires, lightning strikes, abnormal voltage, etc.

lFailure or damage caused by operating the robot under harsh conditions such as strong magnetic fields, strong interference, extreme temperatures, etc.

lWhen the product is not an original product of DEEP Robotics or cannot provide a legitimate warranty certificate.

lFailure and damage caused by self-repair in unofficial channels.

Repair Instructions

lBefore acquiring after-sales service, please make sure to back up all data and delete important data to prevent data loss or leakage. DEEP Robotics is not responsible for any data loss or leakage in the product.

lWhen you acquire after-sales service from DEEP Robotics, you authorize DEEP Robotics to make any modification, delete data or restore factory settings for the purpose of after-sales service.

lBefore sending it for repair, please contact the after-sales staff and DEEP Robotics will try to diagnose and solve your problem remotely.

lIf the above methods cannot solve your problem, you can send the robot for repair after verifying with the after-sales staff. You need to pay for the postage when you send the product to DEEP Robotics. After DEEP Robotics receives the problematic product in need of repair, the product will be tested to determine the problem and responsibility.

lIf the problem is caused by defects in quality of the product itself, DEEP Robotics will be responsible for the testing fee, material fee, labor fee, and postage.

lIf the product does not meet the conditions of free repair after testing, you can choose to pay for repair, and the testing fee, material fee, labor fee as well as postage for sending back shall be paid by you. You can also choose not to repair and send the product back to you, and the postage and insurance fee shall be paid by you.

lConsidering environmental protection and safety, please do not send seriously damaged batteries. If you have sent it, DEEP Robotics will scrap such batteries and will not return them back to you.

lIf you provide an incorrect delivery address which results in non-delivery or rejection by the recipient, the adverse consequences and losses shall be borne by you.

lTo ensure your rights and interests, when you sign for the after-sale product sent by DEEP Robotics, please check carefully whether the product is intact. If there is any abnormality, please immediately take video or photos on the spot and contact DEEP Robotics to get the solutions. If there are unresolved after-sale problems, please also contact DEEP Robotics immediately, otherwise, it is deemed as the end of this after-sale service without dispute.

         *DEEP Robotics reserves the final interpretation authority of the after-sales terms.

         *Please contact us if you have any questions before acquiring after-sales service.

         *The after-sales terms are only applicable in Chinese mainland, and the after-sales policies of other countries or regions shall be subject to local laws.

To protect your legal rights, please must observe the following provisions:

lTo avoid possible safety accidents and property damage, please read this disclaimer and  User Manual carefully before using this product to make sure you understand your legal rights, responsibilities, and safety instructions. Please operate in strict accordance with the product instructions, DEEP Robotics is not responsible for any damages and consequences caused by your failure to follow this disclaimer and other product instructions.

lOnce you use the product, you will be deemed to have understood, recognized, and accepted all the terms and contents of this disclaimer and other product instructions. Users promise to be responsible for their own actions and all consequences arising therefrom.

lUsers promise to use this product only for legitimate purposes, and DEEP Robotics is not responsible for any violations of the law that occur directly or indirectly through the use of this product by the users.

lIt is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18 or those who do not have the full legal capacity to use this product alone. This product is also not suitable for use in the presence of pregnant women, elderly people, people with disabilities, and in crowded places. Please avoid using it in the above-mentioned situations. DEEP Robotics will not be responsible for any personal or property damage caused by such improper operation.

lDisassembly and modification of this product without authorization are strictly prohibited. Non-standard maintenance is also prohibited. DEEP Robotics shall not be responsible for any product failures or damages caused by such behaviors.

lOperating and using this product in non-conventional environments such as extremely high or low temperatures, chemical corrosion, or massive fires is strictly prohibited. DEEP Robotics shall not bear any responsibility for any malfunctions or damages caused by such actions.

lDEEP Robotics shall not be responsible for any consequences or liabilities resulting from the natural wear and tear of the product under normal use.

lDEEP Robotics reserves the final interpretation authority of this disclaimer within the framework of legal requirements. It has the right to revise, update or replace any terms of this disclaimer without prior notice.

This privacy policy outlines DEEP Robotics’ policies and procedures regarding the personal information and other information of our customers. It aims to introduce to you how we collect, use, disclose, process, and protect the personal information and other information we collect from you when you use our products and services. We hope you will carefully read this privacy policy before making choices. When you provide us with personal information or use our products or services, you indicate that you agree to this privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

Personal information refers to data that can be used to identify or contact a specific individual.

In order to provide you with better products and services, we may require you to provide personal information when you contact us. We will only collect information necessary to achieve specific, clear, and lawful purposes, and ensure that this information is used per this privacy policy.

What Kind of Personal Data We May Collect

lInformation provided by you when you purchase a product or service from us: your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, credit card number, etc.

lData generated or recorded during the use of our products or services. For example, logs, time, location information, device configuration information, the IP address for accessing products or services, etc.

lInformation that may be collected during communication, such as your name, maintenance records, account balances, complaints, and other information related to product maintenance records.

lPersonal information collected offline, such as personal information provided to our customer service or sales departments when you participate in our activities, place phone orders, or are in contact with them.

How We Use Collected Personal Data

When providing and improving our products and services, we may use the information we have collected to contact you, including:

lProviding you with requested services or features, such as sending you product information, event information, or other promotional materials.

lFulfilling and satisfying your purchase needs, such as processing your payments, delivering your orders, communicating with you about your purchases, and providing other related customer service.

lNotifying you of new product releases, software updates, and event announcements.

lProviding services for your products, such as contacting you for service recommendations and providing software updates for your products.

lSending you important notifications, such as information about our products and services, and changes to our terms, conditions, and policies.

lProviding you with other requested services.

We may also use the information we collect for the following purposes, including:

lThe business purposes include data analysis, auditing, fraud monitoring and prevention, developing new products and services, confirming usage trends, and operating and expanding our business activities.

lWe also use personal information for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our products, services, and communication with customers.

How We Share Collected Personal Data

DEEP Robotics values the protection of your information greatly, and we will not share your personal information with any companies, organizations, or individuals outside of DEEP Robotics, except under the following circumstances:

lWith your consent, we may share the collected information with authorized partners for the purpose of fulfilling services on our behalf when necessary.

lIn accordance with the laws, regulations, legal procedures, and/or requirements of public institutions and government departments in your country of residence, DEEP Robotics may transmit and disclose information to third parties in the following situations, including information that may or may not be used for personal identification: compliance with legal obligations (including but not limited to subpoenas); when we believe that the law requires it; lawful requests from government agencies that require investigation, including compliance with law enforcement requests; verification or enforcement of our policies and procedures; responding to emergencies; preventing or stopping what we believe to be illegal, unethical, or litigious activities; protecting the rights, property, safety, or security of our products and services, DEEP Robotics, third parties, visitors or the public (at our sole discretion).

lIn the future, we may sell our DEEP Robotics business or acquire new businesses, in which case your personal information and purchase information may be transferred according to business changes.

lIf you are not a direct owner or authorized person of the DEEP Robotics product, your information may be shared with your employer or the owner of the product.

lIn other cases where it is required by laws and regulations.

We will not share your identifiable personal information with unrelated third parties for commercial purposes unless you choose to share it with them.

Rights and Choices

ØIf you wish for us to stop using the information that you have explicitly agreed to provide for processing through existing means, please contact us.

ØYou have the right to refuse to provide information to us in certain situations, but we may not be able to provide you with certain products or services or respond to your inquiries as a result. To protect the interests of both parties and ensure the quality of our services, such as to ensure that we fulfill your requests or to prove that we have provided the required services and information, we may monitor your communication with DEEP Robotics, such as through phone or email.

ØIf you do not wish for your personal information to be shared within DEEP Robotics, please contact us. However, in this case, we may not be able to provide you with specific products or services that you require due to the lack of information.

ØIf you are under eighteen years old, you should use our products and services under the consent and guidance of your parents or legal guardians.


*This privacy policy may not fully apply to you according to the laws and regulations of your region. This privacy policy does not exclude or limit any rights you are entitled to under local laws and regulations.

*We may amend this privacy policy from time to time, and such revisions will form part of this privacy policy. Your use of our products or services or provision of personal information to us after the revision indicates your acceptance of the revised privacy policy.

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