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Pioneering Industrial Application of Quadruped Robots
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Propertiary core components and algorithm
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Smart Rescue Workflow

Replace rescue personnel to enter high-risk environments for search and rescue work.

The rescuer receives commands and takes the robot to the post-disaster area.
The rescuer controls the robot from a far distance in a safe operation zone/Command center.
The operator instructs the robot, which then enters the post-disaster area, captures images, and transmits them back to the digital detection system.
The robot identifies hazardous gases using sensors and collects temperature data through thermal imaging. It ventures into hazardous areas on behalf of rescuers and devises the safest evacuation route.
The robot can gather sounds from trapped individuals using the Pickup and establish communication with them.
The robot transports essential rescue supplies such as oxygen cylinders to trapped individuals and rescuers. It aids in a complete evacuation by providing valuable information.
all-terrains coverage
It can easily navigate obstacles and unstructured surfaces, minimize disturbance to the scene, and reduce the chance of secondary accidents. It’s protected against harsh conditions like smoke, toxins, heavy rain, cold, and hail, making it ideal for search tasks.
Assist with on-site rescue.
It has load operation capabilities, can carry supplies or equipment to the disaster site, and conduct rescue operations for trapped individuals.
Intelligent search system
Supports diverse module assembly for numerous applications in various industries.
Bi-spectrum Camera
Equipped with infrared, visible light image transmission, intelligent recognition, defect alarm analysis and other functions, it supports automatic focusing and SDK secondary development.
Gas sensor
Automatically recognizes and detects harmful combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, combustible gas, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, etc., and provides real-time concentration alarms.
Smart Controller
The navigation host motherboard simultaneously handles business-related program processing, primarily providing functions such as map construction and location navigation.
Intelligent search system
Supports diverse module assembly for numerous applications in various industries.
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