Quadruped Robot
Academia & Education Solution
Pioneering Industrial Application of Quadruped Robots
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Born for industry applications
Propertiary core components and algorithm
X30 X20
Diversified teaching supports
Offers diverse development support with user-friendly manuals and instructional videos for understanding and operating the robot.
Developer community supports
Offers hands-on secondary development cases and a developer community for knowledge sharing and problem-solving.
Great developmental interaction
By engaging in installation, control, and programming, users can delve into the principles of robots, enhancing their secondary development skills and practical training experience.
Bi-spectrum Camera
Equipped with infrared, visible light image transmission, intelligent recognition, defect alarm analysis and other functions, it supports automatic focusing and SDK secondary development.
Agile Robotic Arm
It can be equipped with end loads such as a camera and gripper to achieve remote grabbing, switching doors, picking up items, and other operations.
Smart Controller
The navigation host motherboard simultaneously handles business-related program processing, primarily providing functions such as map construction and location navigation.
Educational research add-ons
Supports diverse module assembly for numerous applications in various industries.

Event support

China Robot Competition
Raicom Robot Developer Competition
Chinese Collegiate Computing Competition
iCAN International Contest of Innovation
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quadruped robot
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