Quadruped Robot
Construction & Surveying Solution
Pioneering Industrial Application of Quadruped Robots
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DEEPRobotics is trusted by numerous organizations around the world
Born for industry applications
Propertiary core components and algorithm
X30 X20
all-terrains coverage
With industrial protection above IP66, it can operate continuously for 24 hours in severe operating environments such as heavy rain, snow, and hail; it can overcome obstacles and stairs, and move freely in various complex environments.
Smart digital transformation
The entire process is connected to the centralized control system, with real-time data synchronously uploaded to the superior site; potential defects are detected in time to prevent incidents, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.
Reduce risk
improve efficiency
It helps operators to complete surveying tasks in harsh weather, reducing safety risks for workers; improving surveying efficiency, reduce repetitive surveying auxiliary work.
3D Survey Scanner
A lightweight scanning system that can achieve automatic calibration, ensuring the accuracy of each scan, simple operation, and improved efficiency.
Agile Robotic Arm
It can be equipped with end loads such as a camera and gripper to achieve remote grabbing, switching doors, picking up items, and other operations.
Smart Controller
The navigation host motherboard simultaneously handles business-related program processing, primarily providing functions such as map construction and location navigation.
Intelligent surveying add-ons
Multi-add-on collaboration makes surveying tasks simpler.
Maximize your work
efficiency with
quadruped robot
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