DEEP Robotics showcases new X30 quadruped robot at GITEX GLOBAL 2023
Date: 2023-03-01

    Hangzhou, October 17, 2023 -- DEEP Robotics, the global leader in the industry application of quadruped robot, made its debut at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, the largest tech conference and exhibition in the Middle East, that opened in Dubai.



DEEP Robotics' X30 quadruped robot is put through the paces at the GITEX GLOBAL 2023.

    The Hangzhou-based high-tech company plans to showcases its suite of cutting-edge quadrupedal robotics technologies and their real-life applications across a spectrum of industries such as electricity inspection, fire detection, emergency response and rescue, mapping and metal smelting.


    As a highlight of the company's exhibits at Expand North Star, a significant part of GITEX GLOBAL 2023 that shines a spotlight on startups from around the world, it unveiled the latest generation of its industry-grade quadruped robot X30 to a global audience. Visitors can get a close look at the robot to see what it is capable of at the company's booth H9-B81 at the Dubai Harbour.


    With a theme of "The Year to Imagine AI in Everything," GITEX GLOBAL 2023 will give full play to AI innovations that reshape industries and have far-reaching implications for mankind.


    Robotics, especially bionic quadrupedal robotics, has been at the forefront of such AI innovations for the role they can play in automating monotonous, dreary and hazardous tasks , thereby freeing human productivity and enhancing efficiency.



    A visitor poses for a photo as she interacts with DEEP Robotics’ X30 quadruped robot at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai.


    DEEP Robotics has been a pioneer worldwide in the application of quadruped robots to assist and empower mankind in a wide variety of jobs, from inspecting remote power stations filled with unfresh air to making safety patrol to mitigate fire risks, from undertaking rescue operations in disaster-hit areas to mapping the environment for geological exploration.



    Phoebe Yu, Overseas Channel Manager of DEEP Robotics, speaks at the Expand North Star forum to explain the application scenarios of the company's quadruped robots, including the latest X30.


    "By attending GITEX GLOBAL 2023, we hope to highlight our strengths in the industry application of quadruped robot and establish X30 as the new benchmark for such devices," Phoebe Yu, Overseas Channel Manager of DEEP Robotics, says. "Visitors to the fair will learn firsthand how our products can relieve them from repetitive, boring and sometimes risky tasks while delivering high user value at the same time."


    At the forum, Yu explained that X30 will mainly be deployed to three scenarios, including emergency rescue, power patrol inspection and education and research.


    X30 is an upgraded version of earlier models from DEEP Robotics, with the potential of setting new standards for industry-specific tasks such as robot-assisted inspection and safety hazard detection.


    The robot derives its strong locomotion and adaptability to the environment to several proprietary technologies developed by DEEP Robotics.


    The company's unique fusion perception technology enables it to rapidly traverse obstacles, climb open riser industrial stairs, conduct autonomous inspection in any weather, and overcome other difficulties in an ever-growing number of scenarios.


    Compared to earlier editions of the quadruped robot, the operating temperature range of X30 has been extended to between minus 20°C and plus 55°C, greatly broadening the environment and climatic conditions in which it can operate.


    Like its predecessors, X30 comes with IP67 protection standards, meaning that users can trust it to carry out demanding tasks even in a wet or dusty environment, which often impedes similar quadruped robots, wheeled robots and other types of mobile robots, Yu of DEEP Robotics said.


    She told the forum that X30 is yet another illustration of DEEP Robotics’ dedication to pushing the boundaries in the application of quadruped robotics.


    Founded in 2017, the company has acquired an early-mover advantage in this field, with its products becoming the first to obtain an IP66 industrial protection certificate, complete a fully autonomous inspection of a 25,000-square-meter substation, and take part in a national earthquake relief drill, among other feats.


    Yu said innovations like X30 will consolidate its advantage and help it stay ahead of the curve.


    It carries a LiDAR module and fusion perception algorithms that allow it to climb staircases even in complete darkness. With a 25% increase in payload endurance compared with previous models, X30 has a swappable battery pack to ensure immediate implementation of tasks upon request.


    X30 also stands out from the crowd thanks to its auto-charging solutions, which prove to be tremendously practical in industry operations.


    Instead of getting bogged down by adverse environmental conditions like grime, poor lighting, dust or dampness, the quadruped robot is able to overcome these obstacles and make its own way back to a charging facility on the back of DEEP Robotics' integrated positioning solutions.

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